Kobik is the best player of BOR?

Kobik The biggest star of BOR !!! Ricardo will appear on the market on Friday. Originally, Peja and Magiera wanted to record an EP and release it in March, then ...

The toast was made by Avi !!

A countdown is underway before the premiere of the "Academy of Fine Arts", the ending album of Avi x Louis Villain's "Sicilian Trilogy". The album will hit the market next Friday, while ...

Poznań legends join forces in a common piece !!

Two Poznań legends, Peja and DonGuralEsko, joined forces in the single "Flow Must Go On", which promotes Peja's album "Ricardo". This is a real treat ...

Zarzycki x Duggi - Super Fancy

Zarzycki has already proved himself to be a strong player who creates rap consistent with a melody that sticks to the ear. In March, his solo ...

Drake named artist of the decade according to the Billboard Music Awards.

  Canadian rapper Drake became the artist of the decade according to Billboard magazine. The artist will receive the "Artist of the Decade" award at the Billboard Music Awards on May 23. The rapper overtook ...

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